Jason is the story of Jason Voorhees with ennui told in 5 parts and takes place over a month in Jason’s life. The story focuses on Jason as he decides whether he wants to stay in the horror game or retire. Freddy, Micheal Myers, Leatherface, Ghostface and Chucky also make appears.

I started this comic back in 2010 and hoped to have a chapter out every year. As it stands I am working on part 4 so I didn’t hit my goal. In part this is due to the fact that each chapter is longer than the last. I love Jason but there are times I worry that I will never finish it.

Below is a run down of each chapter to date.


Jason: Part 1

In Jason part 1 we are brought into the world of Jason Voorhees. Being a slasher is a day job. Jason spends the night playing poker in the woods with his friends which sets in motion a series of events that will play out over the course of the story.


Jason: Part 2

In part 2 Jason applies to be a Tor-mentor to young slashers, spends the day in the park with Freddy and Ghostface and goes to speak with his manger.

Jason Part two has been divided into two part for sale in stores. The two covers posted above.

cover_Part 3.1cover_Part 3.2

cover_Part 3.3

Jason: Part 3

In part 3 Jason speaks to the tor-mentors, shops for some new weapons, field tests them, and gets some good news from Freddy.

Jason part 3 was divided into three parts for sale in stores. The three covers are posted above and the single image that the cover images were pulled from is below.

cover_Part 3_1