Over the course of 2013 I saw 72 movies. This, for me, is pretty impressive in a year where my baby girl was born and, not to be morose, but spent seven weeks in the hospital. I also moved, was working full time for most of the year and completed Jason Part 2. Below is the list, in order of viewing, of movies that I saw.

Just so we are clear these are all movies that I had not seen before.

Les Miserable – Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale – John Dies at the End – Troll Hunter – The Perfect Host – Freerunner – Parker – OSS 117: Ciro Den of Spies – Haywire – They Live – Safety Not Guaranteed – A Good Day To Die Hard – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Take This Waltz – Marathon Man – Flash Dance – Jeff Who Lives at Home – Hotel Transylvania – Paranorman – The Innkeepers – Ironman 3 – The Guard – A Monster In Paris – 10 Years – The Bank Job – 2 Days In NY – The Paper Boy – The Room – Moonraker – Safe – Hard Target – The Hang Over Part 3 – The Fast and the Furious 6 – Flirting with Disaster – Cosmopolis – Up Stream Color – The Number Station – Killer Elite – Hit and Run – The Drawn Together Movie – The Battery – Maniac – The Fast and the Furious: Tokeyo Drift – Fast and Furious – Fast Five – Grabbers – American Mary – Hansel and Gretel Get Baked – Frighteners – Frankenstein’s Army – Dredd – Drinking Buddies – The Rundown – Insidious – Sinister – Carrie (2013) – Devil – Evil Dead (2013) – Event Horizon – Pitch Perfect – This is a Disaster – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Someone up there Likes Me – P2 – Red Dawn (2013) – The Raid: Redemption– Seven Psychopaths – Prince Avalanche – Computer Chess – C.O.G. – The Worlds End – Stand Up Guys

All of the movies in bold at my top ten, in no particular order, for the movies that I saw during 2013. I would not say that all of these movies are the greatest films of all time but they are the movies that I found myself thinking about again and again. Movies that I recommended to friends or were a real surprise.

Over all it was a great year for movies. There are plenty of movies that I loved that did not make it into my top ten like The Innkeepers and Insidious.

In part 2 I will post a list of my Top ten of movies that came out in 2013 with some of my thoughts about those movies.



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