My site has finally had the TLC that it has desperately needed. For to long now Killer Ink Comics has been out chasing waterfalls and I had to creep up  on it because it was looking so unpretty.  I am ready for your fan mail letting me know how crazy sexy cool it looks. So Kick your game into high gear and check it out.

That is all because I am out of TLC song titles. But I will say that I am happy that I finally got around to doing this because I am good at being bad when it comes to updating my site and most anything computer/internet related.

Also I have nothing to be ashamed of.



Little is known about Bonesteel. He is an avid cartoonist/illustrator who has a BFA in screen writing and an MFA in cartooning. The comics that he creates explore the world of popular culture, taking familiar characters and situations and using them for his own dark desires. It is said that Bonesteel roams the streets of NYC. During the day he works an office job so that he may afford food and student loans. At night he works tirelessly on his comics. Growing stronger. Waiting for the day that he can emerge from behind the drafting table and take the world by storm.

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