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Last Updated 2/5/2016 This will be a running list of movies that I adore and recommend people check out. My hope it to bring attention to films that are older, foreign and outside the mainstream. Films, that I believe, bring something interesting to the conversation or explore its subject matter in an interesting way. Thus […]

Bone Tomahawk

Bones Tomahawk is a western horror staring Kurt Russell, as Sheriff Hunt, who leads a band of men out into the dessert to rescue three townspeople who have been kidnapped by Indians. Early on in the movie we learn that these Indians are not normal, unnatural even, and as such their mission has a low […]

Nasty Baby

I will be upfront, I don’t know how to talk about this movie without spoiling. IMDB doesn’t know how to talk about this movie without spoiling it either. There is an incident that occurs in the last third of the movie that changes the tone and the scope of the film which, to the best […]

Kumiko The Treasure Hunter

Kumiko The Treasure Hunter is a 2014 movie that deconstructs the idea of adventurer, think Indiana Jones, by setting it in the modern day. The story revolves around Kumiko, a woman who longs for a life other than the one she has. She works, rather reluctantly, as an office girl with no real plans to […]