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All Cheerleaders Die

There Will Be Spoilers! I don’t have much to say about All Cheerleaders Die other than check it out. It is currently streaming on Netflix. An arguement can be made that this movie is a little all over the map. The movie starts off like a found footage film, moves into a normal high school […]

Jason Part 3 – Update

Hi everybody. Hi Mr. Bonesteel.  It’s just Bonesteel. Mr. Bonesteel is my dad. *groan* Anyway, Jason Part 3 is very close to being done. And by close to being done I mean 20 pages of the 130 pages are inked. I am really excited how how things are coming out so far; trying some new […]

Rites Of Spring

There Will Be Spoilers Ok so I watched The Rites Of Spring on Netflix and oh boy. Here is the short summery listed on Netflix for this movie: After abducting a young girl for ransom, a band of kidnappers find the tables are turned as their hideout winds up being a house of horrors. This […]

Vampire Acadamy

There Will Be Spoilers My wife and I saw a double feature of Vampire Academy and The Lego Movie since my parents were kind enough to watched baby girl. Yes, this is how we spend our few and far between date nights watching movies and I love that my wife puts up with, and often […]