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Love – A movie by Gaspar Noe

Love is a movie by the french writer and director Gaspar Noe. The story revolves around Murphy, an american film student, as he looks back on his relationship with a woman named Electra after he receives a call from Electra’s mother who is trying to tack down her daughters. Murphy spends the rest of the […]

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Very few movies are comfortable exploring the sexual awaking of a teen outside of comedy or a morality tale. The Diary of a Teenage Girl manages to look at this time in one girls life without judgement or levying harsh, moralizing consequences. It is at once refreshing, honest, complex, devastating, uncomfortable and sweet. The Diary […]

Earth To Eco

Earth To Echo is not only a great kids movie in the vain of The Goonies, Super 8 and Monster Squad but it’s also a fantastic example the found footage genre done well. It is easier now than ever to document the world around us through smart phones or webcams and the proliferation of the found […]

Tremors: The Movies To Date

Over the month of October 2015 all of the Tremor movies were reviewed on The B-Movies Podcast. A podcast worth listening too. I had always wanted to see the first Tremors and my interest in the franchise was piqued by podcast so I figured why not watch them all. So I did and now you fine […]