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Thanksgiving Dessert

Just so we are clear I am talking about home made pies. Nothing store bought. It is perfectly acceptable to purchase pie from a diner or bakery that you have to order in advance not something selected from a pile of mass produced pies. If you’re going to serve store bought pie you might as […]

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is upon us and while I was never one to dress up I still believe the effort should be rewarded. I always put in the medium level of effort in my costumes. I have trouble letting go and embracing fully the “character” that I am dressing up as. I can by candy, I do […]

All Cheerleaders Die

There Will Be Spoilers! I don’t have much to say about All Cheerleaders Die other than check it out. It is currently streaming on Netflix. An arguement can be made that this movie is a little all over the map. The movie starts off like a found footage film, moves into a normal high school […]

Jason Part 3 – Update

Hi everybody. Hi Mr. Bonesteel.  It’s just Bonesteel. Mr. Bonesteel is my dad. *groan* Anyway, Jason Part 3 is very close to being done. And by close to being done I mean 20 pages of the 130 pages are inked. I am really excited how how things are coming out so far; trying some new […]